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The 3 reasons to use an adjustable bowl holder

Let’s see together the 3 reasons to use a support for height-adjustable bowls.

1 – Prevent dog bloat or gastric torsion.

It is a very serious pathology that can often be fatal for the dog. In these cases the stomach of the dog tends to dilate and to rotate on itself, resulting in intestinal occlusion. It is important to recognize the symptoms immediately and to go to the vet so that he can proceed with the appropriate treatment and interventions. The symptoms are: restlessness, salivation, unproductive attempts at vomiting and dilation of the abdomen.

There are many risk factors, including genetic and breed predisposition. It is still possible to put in place some precautions: to keep the dog at rest just before the meal and for 2/3 hours later; use special bowls in case the dog has the habit of eating voraciously; use a support for height-adjustable bowls; do not allow the dog to take too much water with the meal.

2 – Prevent joint problems.

Allowing the dog to eat raised from the ground can prevent the dog from distorting distortions or postures that may cause joint problems. In the same way if the dog is elderly or already suffering from such pathologies, it will have difficulty to bend down and a limited mobility. Therefore, a raised support will surely help.

3- Prevent the the spread of molf and harmful bacteria.

The bowls in contact with the floor could create condensation and/or moisture with the consequent proliferation of bacteria and/or mould.


Nowadays you can choose from many different types and models, the simplest and the design ones. The important thing is that it is functional and above all has the possibility of different adjustments to follow your puppy in growth or, if it’s for an adults, that is the right size.

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