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    Tractive GPS – Hiking Equipment for Dogs (Part I)

    Does your dog run away when is off-leash? Or can’t you relax when you leave your dog off-leash in a new place you don’t know?   Here the perfect solution for you 👌 In the first of the posts series dedicated to equipment – of which you can’t live without for outdoor activities and hikes with your dog – we will talk about an essential tool for the safety of your pet: the GPS device for dogs. This tool will allow you to live the experiences with your dog in a more serene way, without being worried about losing your pet. Tractive GPS Specifically, we had the chance to try…

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    Separation anxiety and positive reinforcement. Furbo Dog Camera: talk and play with your dog even when you’re not home

    Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety or is he a puppy and is not yet used to being alone at home? With the Furbo Dog Camera, you have an extra tool to stay in touch with your dog, even when you’re not there. Let’s see how it works together. Separation anxiety: what is it? Before understanding how the Furbo Dog Camera works and how best to use it, let’s try to understand what separation anxiety is. This is a very common behavioural problem (you are not the only one to deal with it or to have done it in the past!). The main behaviors typical of separation anxiety, which…

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    Restaurant Il Cristallo di Neve | Campo dell’Osso (Subiaco, Roma)

    Our first review about the dog-friendly restaurants in Italy is dedicated to “Il Cristallo di Neve”. DOG PERMITTED INSIDE OUTER SPACE PARKING Location e how to get there “Il Cristallo di Neve” restaurant is located inside the Simbruini Mountains Park in the locality of Campo dell’Osso, near Subiaco, in the province of Rome. From Rome: take the motorway A24 Roma-L’Aquila-Teramo (exit Vicovaro-Mandela), continue on the SR5 until the junction with Arsoli and continue on SR411 up to the Tangenziale di Subiaco. Finally, continue on the provincial roads 40a, 40b and 44b to arrive at Monte Livata. Once you reach Monte Livata, continue along the main road until you reach Campo dell’Osso,…

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    BioThane collar and leash set Connecto.dog

    BIOTHANE COLLAR AND LEASH SET CONNECTO.DOG We have received from Connecto.dog – an Italian company that produces products for dogs – a new set to test. This time it’s a collar and a leash, of an awesome pink. That we love, obviously! MATERIALS Both collar and leash are made of BioThane. We did not know this material, therefore, we did our homework and discovered that it is a synthetic material, similar to leather. In fact, it is soft and flexible to the touch and, at the same time, very resistant. Plus it has the advantage of not being of animal origin! The collar is equipped with a steel-colored clip fastened…

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    Collar Mischief Made Collar Co.

    COLLAR MISCHIEF MADE COLLAR CO. This small australian company has sent us a collar, the model “Butter Mellow” 2” wide (about 5 cm), yellow. It is a collar made of fabric, thread and polyester webbing. Equipped with ring to hook the leash and buckle for adjustment. The clip is the classic in black plastic. Perhaps it is not ideal for dogs that love to swim, in fact, being made of fabric, it tends to become impregnated with water. It is made in different sizes (for each dog’s size) and of different width. Also made in the Martingale version for greyhounds and long-necked dogs. IMPRESSION AND FINAL OPINION The collar appears…

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    H Harness or Swedish for dogs Connecto.dog

    H HARNESS OR SWEDISH CONNECTO.DOG We have received from Connecto.dog – an Italian company that produces products for dogs – a H harness for dogs (also called Swedish model) in the ROSA BABY color, size L (70 cm – 100 cm). MATERIALS The harness is well made with excellent materials. Specifically, the manufacturer informs us that the main material used is “polypropylene cushion” which allows the harness to be very soft and well padded. Excellent, therefore, for both long-haired and short-haired dogs. It is produced in all sizes. In fact, it is also ideal for large dogs because it is very resistant (declared traction weight up to 500 kg). Even…

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    Custom rubberized leash Connecto.dog

    CUSTOM RUBBERIZED LEASH CONNECTO.DOG From the Connecto.dog, we also received the LAB RUBBERIZED FUCSIA leash. Perfect matched with pink harness. MATERIALS This is a polypropylene leash, the same material as the harness. It has a rubberized coating on both sides that allows an excellent grip. In fact, the leash does not slip and remains always firm in all circumstances. LENGHT The leash is customized in different lengths (from 1.20 to 15 meters). Moreover, it is possible to choose different types: with handle and ring, with handle without ring, without handle, with two carabiners. Even the finishes can be chosen according to preference: in zinc and steel or in brass. Even…