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    BioThane collar and leash set Connecto.dog

    BIOTHANE COLLAR AND LEASH SET CONNECTO.DOG We have received from Connecto.dog – an Italian company that produces products for dogs – a new set to test. This time it’s a collar and a leash, of an awesome pink. That we love, obviously! MATERIALS Both collar and leash are made of BioThane. We did not know this material, therefore, we did our homework and discovered that it is a synthetic material, similar to leather. In fact, it is soft and flexible to the touch and, at the same time, very resistant. Plus it has the advantage of not being of animal origin! The collar is equipped with a steel-colored clip fastened…

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    Collar Mischief Made Collar Co.

    COLLAR MISCHIEF MADE COLLAR CO. This small australian company has sent us a collar, the model “Butter Mellow” 2” wide (about 5 cm), yellow. It is a collar made of fabric, thread and polyester webbing. Equipped with ring to hook the leash and buckle for adjustment. The clip is the classic in black plastic. Perhaps it is not ideal for dogs that love to swim, in fact, being made of fabric, it tends to become impregnated with water. It is made in different sizes (for each dog’s size) and of different width. Also made in the Martingale version for greyhounds and long-necked dogs. IMPRESSION AND FINAL OPINION The collar appears…