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Separation anxiety and positive reinforcement. Furbo Dog Camera: talk and play with your dog even when you’re not home

Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety or is he a puppy and is not yet used to being alone at home?
With the Furbo Dog Camera, you have an extra tool to stay in touch with your dog, even when you’re not there.
Let’s see how it works together.

Separation anxiety: what is it?

Before understanding how the Furbo Dog Camera works and how best to use it, let’s try to understand what separation anxiety is. This is a very common behavioural problem (you are not the only one to deal with it or to have done it in the past!).

The main behaviors typical of separation anxiety, which may have different origins and need to be investigated, can be: destruction of objects / furniture, prolonged and / or incessant barking, self-harm (eg biting the tail or licking the paws or other parts of the body, all signs of stress), urinating and / or defecating and many others.

It will be useless to punish the dog for any trouble combined in your absence, as your dog would not have the ability to relate the punishment with facts occurred hours before.
There is no doubt that separation anxiety is a problem that needs to be addressed and resolved. There are various techniques and methods such as: avoid giving attention to the dog when you go out (so that this becomes a normal act) and return (until he has calmed down), go out for a few minutes until to extend the time spent outside home, leave the dog a game or a snack that helps him not to get bored while is alone.

Obviously, the best solutions will have to be evaluated with an educator and behaviourist.


Furbo: the interactive camera

Today many systems allow us to control the dog when we are not at home (for example, surveillance cameras). But the Furbo Dog Camera has something more!

In fact, is an interactive camera allows you to:

  • see the dog, even at night;
  • listen and talk with your dog;
  • dispense treats. 

After having plugin Furbo, the first thing is to configure it. Nothing could be simpler. It is sufficient to download the dedicated application available for iOS, Android and Apple Watch and follow the instructions on the screen.

Furbo can recognize the bark of the dog and immediately send you a notification to the mobile phone. In this way, you can connect to the camera and talk to your faithful friend to reassure him. Moreover, thanks to the possibility to dispense treat you can reinforce his positive behaviours (for example, when he stops barking). Furbo is like a Clicker Training because makes a “clicking” sound before tossing a treat.
It can hold up to 100 pieces with a diameter of about 1 cm, so you will have a good supply of prizes for your dog. On the linked website there is a list of snacks that are perfectly compatible with Furbo.

Obviously, in the beginning it is necessary for the dog to become familiar with Furbo. In the box, you will find all the information and a link to an explanatory video. The same information can easily be found in the link at the bottom of the article.

Our judgment is more than positive for a tool with many features that go beyond the simple video control of the dog. Finally, we must say that it is very elegant and goes well with any type of furniture, giving that extra touch!

Technical Specs

Size: 5.91×4.72×8.86 inches (15x12x22.5cm)
Weight: 2.1 pounds (950g)
Camera: 1080p HD, 160° wide-angle lens, 4x digital zoom, automatic night vision
Audio: Built-in speaker, high quality microphone
Treat capacity: 100 pieces
Recommended treat: Round shaped treats with a diameter around 0.4 inches; (1cm)
Power: 100-240V, 5V2A
Connectivity: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

For any information: Furbo – Help
Buy Furbo on Amazon

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