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How to manage the dog at the restaurant: rules and useful advice

There are more and more Dog-Friendly facilities that accept dogs at the restaurant and allow us to enjoy the company of our friend even during lunch or dinner out, perhaps with friends or relatives.
In this article, we will see how to manage the dog at the restaurant so that he’s quiet without disturbing other diners.

The rules for bringing the dog to the restaurant

It is appropriate that the dog be:

  • educate
  • well socialized
  • used to be among strangers and confusion
  • used to the presence of children

When to start bringing the dog to the restaurant?

It’s good to get used to the dog since when is a puppy and what better place if not your own home where the puppy feels at ease without too much distraction? If you educate the dog to be quiet during meals you will already be well on your way. This is why it is advisable from the start:

  • Ignore the puppy who tries to beg food from the table
  • At the end of the meal, reward the dog (never directly from the table) for being quiet in him place

In this way, the pup will soon learn that disturbing you while eating will not bring him any benefit, while if he is good and quiet he will eventually receive a reward.
In the meantime, you can start to bring your friend to the coffee shop, where the time spent is shorter and you will have the opportunity to do the first experiments and correct, where necessary, the behaviour of the puppy.
The first time you bring the puppy with you to the restaurant will be better to choose a facility that has an outdoor garden where you can eat, also to avoid any inconvenience of the young age.

And if your dog is already an adult? No problem. Probably, you’ll have to engage a little more, special way if the dog has learned bad habits in the past. But nothing is impossible.

And now some tips to follow when you bring the dog to the restaurant.

Always indicate the presence of the dog

Many facilities have no difficulty in accepting dogs at the restaurant, in any case, it is always advisable to inform the restaurateur of the presence of the dog before settling down. This is important, not only for a matter of education but also to allow the restaurant owner to find the best accommodation. We assume that on that same day there are more dogs, the restaurateur will arrange to accommodate you and the other guests so that between the dogs there is a right distance and avoid problems.

Choose a quieter table

Never ask to sit at a central table. On the contrary, by placing yourself in one of the tables at the corners of the room, you will have free space for your friend.
In any case, avoid letting the dog lie on the passing lanes of waiters and other guests. It will certainly be better under the table as well as more protected. Therefore, it is forbidden to leave the dog without a leash, free to go around the restaurant. So as it is forbidden to pick up the dog on the chairs or with the paws on the table!

Do not feed the dog on the ground

It is not polite to dirty the floor and to leave traces of various toppings. Surely you would not do it in your house. So, bring a snack or a toy that keeps him busy and if your dog has the habit of eating during the meal bring something ready and clean (example, a chicken breast boiled and made into pieces).

Walk the dog before going to the restaurant

It is never advisable to leave the house to go directly to the restaurant. Therefore, it will always be advisable to go out an hour earlier to allow your friend to unload his energies, as well as to relieve himself. A nice ride and a walk will help your dog to get tired and rest more comfortably by your side when you are at the restaurant.
If the meal lasts a long time, let the dog take a break with a little walk outside.


If you will immediately get your puppy to be quiet during meals, not to bark and annoy you and other diners begging for food from the table, you can take your dog anywhere.

This guide just wants to provide small tips (based on personal experience) to learn how to handle the dog at the restaurant.
For any problems, it is always good to contact a dog educator who will be able to help you to educate or re-educate your faithful friend.

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