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We have received from – an Italian company that produces products for dogs – a H harness for dogs (also called Swedish model) in the ROSA BABY color, size L (70 cm – 100 cm).


The harness is well made with excellent materials. Specifically, the manufacturer informs us that the main material used is “polypropylene cushion” which allows the harness to be very soft and well padded. Excellent, therefore, for both long-haired and short-haired dogs.

It is produced in all sizes. In fact, it is also ideal for large dogs because it is very resistant (declared traction weight up to 500 kg).
Even the plastic parts are robust and resistant. In addition, the rings and the steel parts are declared nickel free.

Produced in a wide variety of colors (even for boys) and resistant to water, it is also perfect for dogs that love to swim.


It can easily be adjusted to the neck, chest and girth. Both the neck and the chest have double adjustments, so it can be perfectly adapted to any dog.
Considering that for the first time it was necessary to adjust the part around the neck, this favorably impressed us. The harness used so far and adjusted to the minimum around the neck are, unfortunately, always a bit loose.


Beyond the technical data, what can be seen is certainly the practicality and comfort of the H or Swedish harness for dogs of It is equipped with a double closing clip (just pass the head and then close the clips on the back) and a ring (instead of the seam) in the upper part of the neck that allows a better fit. In our opinion, the double clip is definitely a very interesting element, as it is not necessary to intervene on Fido’s legs, especially for all those dogs that are a little reluctant to wear an harness.



In other words, perfect for excursions and walks in any context (city, sea, lake, countryside, mountains). Avoid stressing the neck of the dog, it does not ruin the posture, does not pressure on delicate points (for example, the axillary lymph nodes) and having the leash attached to the middle back keeps the dog’s center of gravity.
In other words, what do you want more? I would say, a harness!

For any information and to purchase the product you can directly visit the manufacturer’s website:

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