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Dog photography: 8 useful tips

Today even dogs have become real models, but it is not always easy to freeze the moment we like. Let’s see together 8 useful tips on how to photograph a dog.

  • CONFIDENCE: if the dog is not used to the camera, it is good familiarising him with this strange object; also, almost all cameras allow you to deactivate the acoustic sound of the focus (leaving only the visual signals active in the viewfinder or on the screen) so as not to annoy the dog.
  • POINT OF VIEW: change perspective and put yourself at the same height as the dog, so you have his eyes in the foreground and take back the world according to him point of view.
  • ATTENTION: use his favorite game or a treat to get his attention. In this way the dog will look in the camera and you will be able to catch his expression without too much effort. If you want special expressions you can make some verses or use a squeaky toy in order to capture the famous ‘dog head tilt’.
  • LIGHT: use natural light and avoid the flash that could annoy the dog.
  • APERTURE: if you want to focus the attention on the subject, use the largest aperture so as to have an abundant portion of the photo blurred ; instead, if you want a clearly background scenery , use the smallest aperture. If you are not able to use the manual mode, you can use the ‘aperture priority mode’ or ‘portrait’ mode.
    Below two example of how you can play with the aperture and depth of field.


  • SHOOTING SPEED: to freeze the moment, use fast shutter speeds. If you are not able to use the manual mode, you can use the ‘shutter priority mode’ or the ‘sport’ mode.
  • FOCUS: Set the camera to AFC or continuous autofocus, so that the camera continues to focus on the subject, useful if the dog moves. Even better is the ‘tracking’ mode that hooks the subject and continues to follow it in the movements by adjusting the focus.
  • CONTINUOUS SHOT: in order not to lose any moment you can active the ‘continuous shooting’ that lets you to take a series of consecutive photos of the subject, until you press the shutter button.

Always remember not to force the dog and do short shooting sessions. Everything must always be a game: only in this way will you be able to capture the best expressions!

In the next post we talk about our photography equipment.

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