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From the, we also received the LAB RUBBERIZED FUCSIA leash. Perfect matched with pink harness.


This is a polypropylene leash, the same material as the harness.
It has a rubberized coating on both sides that allows an excellent grip. In fact, the leash does not slip and remains always firm in all circumstances.


The leash is customized in different lengths (from 1.20 to 15 meters).
Moreover, it is possible to choose different types: with handle and ring, with handle without ring, without handle, with two carabiners. Even the finishes can be chosen according to preference: in zinc and steel or in brass.
Even the leash is produced in a wide variety of colors (even for boys) and is water resistant, so perfect even for dogs that love swimming.


It was sent to us in the version with a handle and a ring with a length of 3 meters. We can say that this is the ideal length for hiking in the mountains. In fact, it allows the dog to sniff around with a good dose of freedom, while remaining under the control of the handler.
The ring can be used to hook a bag holder or other. Or, using a small carabiner you can reduce the length of the leash in half (for example, when after a hike you stop to eat something in a beautiful cabin or mountain hut !!)

In conclusion, our experience is definitely very positive!

For any information and to purchase these products you can directly visit the manufacturer’s website:

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