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    Camera: Panasonic Lumix GX850/GX800 review

    We often receive requests for information and advice on photographic equipment . Let’s start from the premise that there is no universal camera . On the market you can find SLR, mirrorless, bridge and compact cameras. Which one to choose? Each brand and model has its own characteristics. For this reason, it’s important to read all specs carefully, to understand which one is right for you, before buying one. Those interested in the video will need a camera with fast AF and silent lens; those who practice sports photography will need a camera with fast AF (possibly with tracking) and a good burst. After selecting some models, we suggest you…

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    Dog photography: 8 useful tips

    Today even dogs have become real models, but it is not always easy to freeze the moment we like. Let’s see together 8 useful tips on how to photograph a dog. CONFIDENCE: if the dog is not used to the camera, it is good familiarising him with this strange object; also, almost all cameras allow you to deactivate the acoustic sound of the focus (leaving only the visual signals active in the viewfinder or on the screen) so as not to annoy the dog. POINT OF VIEW: change perspective and put yourself at the same height as the dog, so you have his eyes in the foreground and take back…