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We have received from – an Italian company that produces products for dogs – a new set to test. This time it’s a collar and a leash, of an awesome pink. That we love, obviously!collar_leash_connectodog


Both collar and leash are made of BioThane. We did not know this material, therefore, we did our homework and discovered that it is a synthetic material, similar to leather. In fact, it is soft and flexible to the touch and, at the same time, very resistant. Plus it has the advantage of not being of animal origin!
The collar is equipped with a steel-colored clip fastened with bartack stitching.
The carabiner and the leash rings are made of brass, giving a feeling of solidity and strength. The carabiner closes well, without the risk of accidentally detaching it.


The collar is 16 mm wide and not adjustable in length (fixed), therefore, carefully choose the right size for your four-legged friend.
The leash, on the other hand, is produced in different lengths. We have been sent the one from 1.20 meters, with handle and ring. Great for the city or in crowded environments.



Collar and leash are produced in many intense and vivid colors. Well visible even from a distance. Great for dogs that love to swim because the material resists well and does not absorb water (unlike other materials). It resists dirt and is easily cleaned. No residual stain.
Once again, our judgment can only be very positive for products. This company produces items for every type of dog. You can choose different models of collars, harnesses and leashes. To each his own.

For any information and to purchase the product you can directly visit the manufacturer’s website: